How Your Small Business Can Compete with Big Brands and Win

In our high-tech world, small businesses can compete with big businesses. With access to numerous online tools, software solutions, and automated processes, as well as some specific strategies in its business delivery model, a small business can succeed at new levels never thought possible.

Through digital marketing techniques which include online video and email marketing strategies, you can open new doors of opportunity for your small company.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing puts your small business in front of thousands of potential customers. Creating dynamic video marketing campaigns on YouTube and other platforms increases the opportunities for small businesses to reach mass audiences. Digital marketing positions your small business in the same platforms as big business online and allows them to compete on an equal playing field. Some businesses use custom animations and motion graphics to make their mark in the world while others use standard video messages delivered by the CEO. Social media also plays an important role. By utilizing the tools you have available, you increase your chances of success in competing with big business.

Cultivate your email opt-in list by growing your leads and customer base organically instead of purchasing an email list.

Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns are another great way small business can compete with big business. Creating dynamic email marketing campaigns helps get your brand’s message to thousands of potential buyers, while also serving as an effective leads generation tool. Email serves as a direct customer communications tool which helps to make the customer experience more personal. You can insert links to your company website and videos in your marketing emails. Studies show that people are more likely to read an email in its entirety if it has a video link within the message.

Leads Generation and Customer Acquisition

Leads generation allows small corporations to have access to the same leads and potential customers as big businesses do. There are several ways to generate leads that will result in sales. Offering free information or access to coupons can help generate interest in a small business so that it can effectively compete with bigger companies. The goal of leads generation is to focus on targeting the right customers that are most likely to purchase what your company offers. Strategic customer acquisition used to be thought of as a tool of big business only, but this is changing with the opportunities the internet affords.

Quality of Service

Using tools that automate processes, such as online ordering capabilities, links to social media, and online customer service, allows small businesses to have access to the same customers the big brands do. Through online systems and e-commerce tools, small businesses can offer some of the same high standards of service that big business customers have grown accustomed to with bigger brands. Instant access to products and services is one of the keys to customer satisfaction. Setting up an automated email response to customer inquiries is a good idea. Your goal should be to automate the process so that it is set up to handle transactions anytime. By automating processes such as sales and customer service, small businesses can achieve the same level of recognition with their customers that big corporations enjoy. 

Analytics software and tools are crucial to your small business success.

The Importance of Analytics

Measuring the progress of your online business is essential to its success. Using Google Analytics and other online tools is another way to compete with big brands. Big companies use analytical software tools every day so that they can see the progress they are making toward their company’s goals. By using these same tools, you can evaluate your company’s growth, see the trends regarding customer conversion rates, and understand the dynamics of your business on new levels. This information will prove valuable in the future when planning the best ways to increase your traffic and acquire more targeted leads and visitors.

Level the Playing Field with Internet

Steve Jobs said in an interview in 1995, “The smallest company in the world can compete with the largest company in the world on the web.” He predicted then that the internet would change the way business is done, including customer acquisition and sales. This statement has proven to be true in our present world as more and more businesses go online. More revenue is being made on the internet through e-commerce than in real-world stores today. People are getting on mobile devices more than ever before. Small businesses can take advantage of this phenomenon by presenting their concepts and ideas on YouTube and other social platforms and by creating responsive websites for their mobile audience.

As Steve Jobs predicted over 20 years ago, the internet has changed everything. More retail stores are opting to put their businesses online. Big brands go online so that they can make their presence known in the digital medium. The online revolution has allowed small businesses with a website and a social media account to compete with big names and big brands.

Through carefully planned ad strategies geared to address online customers, and by making the ordering and customer service processes automated, small business can have a big impact on the world. So, if you are a small business, apply these principles and don’t give up. You’re playing with the “big boys” now!