Why Magento is a Better Solution than Shopify

If you are running a commercial website or selling products and services online, you know how important it is to choose the right ecommerce solution.

In searching for that perfect ecommerce solution, you will encounter a number of excellent choices, including the popular Magento and Shopify platforms.  Choosing one ecommerce solution over the other means looking at their relative benefits and potential issues, weighing the pros and cons of each and seeing how it fits into your overall selling strategy. While both Magento and Shopify have a lot to offer, in the end the Magento ecommerce solution has a number of important advantages. From its ease of use to its affordable cost, the Magento ecommerce platform provides a number of important benefits for online business owners from all walks of life.

1. Scalability

At first glance, it may seem strange that Magento is the superior ecommerce platform. After all, Shopify has long been one of the most popular ecommerce solutions for owners of new online businesses, with many startups choosing the platform to get their sites up and running. In the end, however, the seeming advantage of Shopify is actually one of its biggest drawbacks. Shopify may be easy to install and simple to use, but it is not as scalable as many of its competitors. That means that Shopify users, even those who were happy when they first began, eventually find that they need a different platform when they start to grow. Magento, on the other hand, is imminently scalable, making it easier for businesses of all sizes to grow their ecommerce operations without missing a beat. Instead of switching ecommerce solutions midstream when they begin to grow, companies that choose Magento from the start enjoy seamless operation, and their customers benefit from a quality buying experience.

2. Global Growth

Magento is also the clear leader when it comes to global growth, something that Shopify and other competing platforms simply cannot claim. Many businesses do not think about global growth when they first set up their online businesses, but taking the long view means looking at every opportunity for growth. With so much of the world’s market outside of North America, it only makes sense to think globally, and that means choosing an ecommerce platform with a global reach. Magento is that ecommerce platform, providing true global solutions to companies from startup to maturity.

3. Flexibility

Last but certainly not least, Magento is also superior to Shopify when it comes to freedom and flexibility. The Shopify ecommerce solution may provide lots of templates, but that strategy is a double-edged sword. The templates may make Shopify easy to use, but they can be extremely limiting for companies entering their growth phase and for those who hope to expand their operations on a regional or global basis. Magento does not limit its ecommerce partners to a handful of preselected templates. Instead, Magento gives those businesses unlimited freedom and flexibility, allowing them to build anything they see fit and serve their customers however they want.

With its global nature, multi-store capabilities and multi-currency solutions, Magento is the clear choice for ecommerce solutions. Whether you are working with your first startup or working hard to get your latest online venture off the ground, Magento is clearly the best ecommerce solution.

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