25 Excellent Free WordPress Themes

    Smashinghub has put together a great list of 25 free WordPress Themes. See:

    What is Joomla?

    Everybody wants to know: “How can I create my own website?” For many, a CMS provides a very viable answer. A CMS, or “content management system,” is essentially a pre-made website that anyone can readily customize. Customizations can include components such as a forum, a login system, and internal statistical tracking. Of the many CMS […] Re-Designed!

    Check it out! Our website has been completely re-designed from the ground up with a more modern look and easier navigation. Anything else you’d like to see? Let us know what you think of the new Feel free to comment below or email us with your suggestions!  

    Softaculous Installed!

    Softaculous is now installed on all our hosting servers! Softaculous is an auto installer for cPanel. Unlike other auto-installers Softaculous is quicker, well designed, and it installs all scripts in just one step. To find it, simply go to your cPanel (, then click on the Softaculous icon under Software/Services. You now have access to […]

    Updated Helpdesk and Phone Support!

    We have recently remodeled our own Support Helpdesk and upgraded the software to the newest version of Kayako (version 4). Our new Helpdesk should be much easier to navigate, be quicker, and allows for a feedback system everytime a ticket is resolved. Phone Support is also back up and operational! We recommend using phone support […]

    How to Choose the Right Domain Name

    A domain name is the online identity of your business or organization. It’s not just a web address anymore. It’s now a brand. Here are some powerful tips to choose an effective domain name: 1. Branding vs. Keywords Whether you use a completely branded domain name or use keywords in your domain name depends on […]

    Bookmark our Blog, like us on Facebook, follow our Twitter feed!

    We’re excited to introduce our new Blog, Facebook Page, and Twitter Feed. All three sites will be connected and interlinked. Get the latest news and updates on plus view exclusive deals only available to members and clients. If you have a Facebook account, we ask you to “like” us on Facebook, and […] /Blog is now Online!

    Welcome to the /Blog! Here you’ll find the latest updates and news releases on, plus exclusive articles and content. Enjoy!