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The Difference Between Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting

At, we offer both domain name registration and web hosting services, but it can be easy to confuse the two. The best way we can describe the difference is to compare our services to the real estate world. Domain Name Registration: Think of domain name registration as analogous to your mailing address (ex. 500 […]

Site Spotlight:

In this edition of the Site Spotlight, we interview Nathalie Thompson, Founder and Designer of 1. Tell us about yourself and how you got started. Nathalie Thompson: I’m a recently self-employed mom of a toddler and a preschooler, and I currently run two internet-based businesses, both hosted with IceStorm. Arcana Dea Design is […]

Making Money with Affiliate Programs and Advertising

Before you even start thinking seriously about making money on the Internet, you need to make sure that you have realistic ambitions. Few people make enough money to live on from the Internet and even fewer have found the way to riches. Forget the claims that you see in spam email and banner advertising on […]

Site Spotlight:

In this edition of the Site Spotlight, we interview Anthony Doctolero, Founder of 1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started. Anthony Doctolero: I created because I wanted to pay tribute to my grandfather who was a special person in my life. Growing up, I was an […]

7 Tips for Creating A Better Blog

Blogs are an exciting way for individuals or enterprises to connect with Internet audiences and communicate in a timely, targeted, and most of all human way. While blogging software makes it easy to create and maintain a blog, it takes more than software to create a successful blog. Here are seven tips to help you […]

How an Online Business can be your Greatest Investment

Like most people, when you hear the word “investment” you will probably begin to think of stock brokering, investment banking, real estate and bonds. However, areas outside of banking and stock are increasingly becoming an easier, better returning and much more viable investment option than ever before – in particular, the Internet. Internet businesses: There […]

What is Joomla?

Everybody wants to know: “How can I create my own website?” For many, a CMS provides a very viable answer. A CMS, or “content management system,” is essentially a pre-made website that anyone can readily customize. Customizations can include components such as a forum, a login system, and internal statistical tracking. Of the many CMS […]

How to Choose the Right Domain Name

A domain name is the online identity of your business or organization. It’s not just a web address anymore. It’s now a brand. Here are some powerful tips to choose an effective domain name: 1. Branding vs. Keywords Whether you use a completely branded domain name or use keywords in your domain name depends on […]