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Lowered Pricing & Free Windows on Cloud VPS!

Here’s what’s new with Cloud VPS! 1. Starting price lowered to only $19.95/month! 2. CPU Price lowered from $7.00/month to $5.00/month! 3. RAM Price lowered from $15.36/month to $9.95/month! 4. SSD Disk lowered from $3.85/month to $3.00/month! 5. Windows Server License now offered FREE on all Clouds! 6. Licenses on Cpanel lowered to $13.95/month! 7. […]

What Makes a Successful Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is an individual who undertakes some type of risk, most often financially, in the quest for new ideals or endeavors. The definition can be applied to any individual arranging a new venture or opportunity, but it is mostly used in a business environment. An entrepreneur is an individual who constantly thinks outside of […]

The Advantages of SSD Web Hosting

Have you ever encountered a website that loaded slowly? Perhaps, you recently visited a popular news website but the loading images sputtered. Perhaps you are entering a large forum with numerous visitors online, but the threads seemed to take a few more seconds than usual to load. What these websites are encountering are hard drive […]

The Top 5 Advantages of Cloud VPS Hosting

Cloud VPS Hosting represents the next generation in web hosting technologies. The cloud infrastructure allows for unparalleled scalability. With the cloud, you can easily scale your CPU power by multiple cores and increase the RAM of your website at an instant. VPS (Virtual Private Server) technology allows your website to be self-contained in a virtualized […] Awarded as Preferred Cloud VPS!

Popular web hosting review website, is proud to award as the preferred Cloud VPS Host! The Web Host Ranking team was very impressed with our Cloud VPS options as well as our main philosophy of reliability and high-quality support! Each VPS account has dedicated resources and provides the webmaster with complete control of […]

Introducing Cloud VPS Hosting! Get Total Control!’s new Cloud VPS Hosting gives you more guaranteed resources, higher performance, more control and better scalability than shared hosting and traditional VPS hosting! Cloud VPS Hosting is also cost-efficient with a price considerably less than that of a dedicated server! With’s Cloud VPS Hosting, you can take all your websites to the next level! […]