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Accept Credit Card Payments Online in 3 Easy Steps

You’ve perfected the latest, trendiest product and you’re quite sure you can sell hundreds if not thousands online. You’re setting up your website and are ready to fling open your virtual doors. One thing remains between you and your adoring customers… how do you accept online credit card payments? 1) First, you will need an […]

5 Tips on Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

1. Optimistic Risk Taking True entrepreneurship entails abilities and financial risk taking for a greater good in the long term. Being an optimistic risk-taker as an entrepreneur is an essential function because there is a lot of risk-taking involved and sometimes the rewards and benefits may not come to fruition in a timely manner, hence why being […]

All Reseller Hosting Plans Upgraded!

All Reseller Hosting Plans have now been automatically upgraded!* Storage and traffic have been upgraded on our Reseller Budget, Reseller Webmaster, and Reseller Platinum accounts. Our Reseller Hosting plans continue to be the most competitive reseller plans in the industry. We are also one of the few providers that still offer Unlimited Site Builder […]

Receive 30% Commissions with our Affiliate Program!

Our Web Hosting Affiliates can now earn up to 30% commission on any of our web hosting packages! This is the largest increase in commission that we’ve ever made in our affiliate program. You could now technically make up to $143.64 for selling each Reseller Platinum account! If you have a blog, newsletter, or a […]

Jobs: Sales Associates

We’re seeking Sales Associates (Part-time or Paid Internship) in the San Francisco Bay Area. See our Jobs page for more info!

Making Money with Affiliate Programs and Advertising

Before you even start thinking seriously about making money on the Internet, you need to make sure that you have realistic ambitions. Few people make enough money to live on from the Internet and even fewer have found the way to riches. Forget the claims that you see in spam email and banner advertising on […]

How an Online Business can be your Greatest Investment

Like most people, when you hear the word “investment” you will probably begin to think of stock brokering, investment banking, real estate and bonds. However, areas outside of banking and stock are increasingly becoming an easier, better returning and much more viable investment option than ever before – in particular, the Internet. Internet businesses: There […]