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5 Easy Ways for a Quicker Website

There are countless good reasons to ensure that your website performs as quickly as possible, from enhancing the user experience to optimizing its rankings in search engines. As with many things in web development, it’s easy to get bogged down with increasingly complicated processes when trying to achieve this goal, but there are several easily […]

9 Tips for Optimizing WordPress for SEO

WordPress is one of the world’s most commonly used content management systems (CMS). It powers millions of websites all over the world, including many famous websites such as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Reuters, and Variety. The basic installation of WordPress is simple. It comes with a few default themes and a couple of plugins. […]

Five Key SEO Strategies for Online Businesses

SEO plays a critical role in the growth and success of online businesses. However, search engine algorithms are constantly being updated, and the best practices for SEO change from year to year. Online businesses need to stay on top of the current guidelines and recommendations in order to keep their rankings high. Let’s take a […]

Make Your Website Successful With MarketGoo

MarketGoo app provides websites peak performance of their SEO, while strengthening link building, and fortifying social media and monitoring strategies. Its exceptional and innovative technology tracks the user website daily and on demand, while allowing them to automate their SEO and marketing strategies. MarketGoo’s unique technology will analyze your website regularly and adapt more than […]

Understanding Search Engine Optimization – What Is On-Site SEO?

When site owners look to improve their positions on search engine results pages, they look first at their own web sites. On-site SEO consists of those practices used on a site to improve its ranking. While there are many approaches to SEO, they all begin with on-site strategies. How a site is structured, what content […]