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New Automated Backups and Backup Policy

We are introducing a new service: Automated Backups Use our new backup service to automatically backup any website or database. All backups are hosted on a different datacenter apart from your currently hosted website. The best part about our backups is that you can backup unlimited websites and databases under your preferred backup plan. […]

Make Magento Websites Faster with LiteMage Cache! delivers the fastest Magento E-commerce Solution by using SSD Technology and LiteMage Cache! Magento is the most popular E-commerce platform on the Internet today but with over 4 million lines of PHP code and 2 million lines XML configurations, Magento can be very resource intensive leading to performance slowdown. LiteMage Cache solves this using […]

Make WordPress Websites Faster with LiteSpeed Cache! now delivers fast WordPress Hosting with LiteSpeed Cache! LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress is a web server level caching solution designed to accelerate WordPress websites with little to no configuration necessary. By caching at the web server layer, overhead is cut drastically allowing caching to be done more quickly and efficiently than in any other […]

LiteSpeed Enabled on New SSD Web Hosting Plans!

LiteSpeed is now enabled on all new SSD Web Hosting Plans! LiteSpeed Web Server is a high-performance web server that replaces the basic Apache Web Server found in other providers. LiteSpeed can be up to 533% faster than Apache 2.4 with static files and up to 4506% faster than Apache 2.4 with PHP scripts! […]

Updated cPanel Stats on All Hosting Plans has now updated cPanel to include Advanced Resource Stats Usage! You now have a display in your cPanel that shows you your CPU and Resource Usage. To see your advanced stats, simply log into CPU Usage: This is how much server CPU power that your domain account is using. Virtual Memory Usage: The […]

CloudLinux OS Installed on All Servers!

We’re happy to announce CloudLinux is now installed on all servers with shared and reseller accounts! Here are the top 3 advantages of CloudLinux: 1. Stability Each tenant on a CloudLinux shared server has limits on the amount of CPU, Memory, IO, processes, Apache connections, mySQL CPU usage and mySQL read/write usage. Because CloudLinux […]

Server Announcements: PHP 5.4, mySQL 5.5.x, Boxtrapper Disabled

In the next week (by November 12, 2014), we will upgrade PHP of all shared and reseller servers from PHP 5.3.x to the latest stable version of PHP 5.4. Please update your scripts if necessary. PHP 5.4 allows for new features, better performance and security. Click here to review the release announcement. MySQL has been […]

All Servers will be upgraded to PHP 5.3+ and mySQL 5.1+

Please note that on Monday May 27, 2013, we will be preforming an upgrade of PHP and mySQL on all servers. PHP will be upgraded to the latest stable 5.3.x version and mySQL will be upgraded to the latest stable 5.1.x version. Those particularly on server will be affected as the PHP version is […]

Soholaunch and RVSiteBuilder Updates

Both our Soholaunch Site Builder and RVSiteBuilder software (pre-installed on most hosting and reseller accounts) are getting tons of updates!   Soholaunch Site Builder: Upgraded Text Editor Improved order management in the shopping cart More fixes and bug updates found here RvSiteBuilder: Improved Interface – Build quality websites faster in fewer steps. Social Network: […]

Continuous Server and Software Upgrades! continually upgrades server hardware and software when needed. Some are major upgrades but many are actually incremental that benefit to the security and performance of your website hosting. Here’s a short list of upgrades we’ve done the last few months as well as upgrades we’re continuing… Most servers upgraded to cPanel/WHM 11.32.3 (Release Tier). […]