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5 Reasons Your Small Business Should Be Tweeting

Yes, we all know how annoying it is to sift through a pile of useless tweets by people who think we need to know what they had for lunch, how long they brushed their teeth this morning, and other useless and mundane details of their daily lives.  While Twitter has clearly been woefully misused by […]

Five Tips On Increasing Your Social Media Presence

1. Maximize and Promote Your Social Media Presence The optimization of your social media begins and ends with your presence. Making sure that your social media accounts not only precisely state your mission and goals but also includes a concise description of your brand and business is first key to success. You will also want […]

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We’re excited to introduce our new Blog, Facebook Page, and Twitter Feed. All three sites will be connected and interlinked. Get the latest news and updates on plus view exclusive deals only available to members and clients. If you have a Facebook account, we ask you to “like” us on Facebook, and […]