How to Choose the Right Domain Name

A domain name is the online identity of your business or organization. It’s not just a web address anymore. It’s now a brand. Here are some powerful tips to choose an effective domain name:

1. Branding vs. Keywords
Whether you use a completely branded domain name or use keywords in your domain name depends on your objective. If you have a business and your brand identity is important, you must go for branded names. For example, “” is a completely branded name. No keywords such as “web hosting” or “domain registration” exist in our name. Domain names such as,, or are also branded too. No doubt, the process of finding a catchy or creative domain name could be difficult, but it can be done! On the other hand, a domain name with keywords will be more advantageous from the start when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). So choose wisely what type of domain name you want.

2. Domain Length…keep it short and simple!
The length of a domain should be such that it’s meaningful, easy to remember and free from needless abbreviations. Rarely do you find a domain name out there with 3-4 different words inside a domain name that is easy to remember.

3. Domain Extensions (TLDs) i.e, .com, .net, .org
The .com name is best. When it comes to branding, .com is vital. It is simply the de facto standard when it comes to registering any domain name. If for some reason, you cannot find a .com, there are still many other options available such as .net, .org, .biz, .me, .tel, or .us.

4. Names to generally avoid
It’s generally best to avoid domain names that make use of one more more hyphens. For example, a domain name such as is not recommended. People will usually forget to type any hyphen in a name. Also substituting the words “to” or “for” with numbers “2” or “4” will make a domain name look cheap or tacky. A name like may be looked up as unprofessional by most people.

5. Bainstorm for your Domain Name, then grab it!
Take the time to brainstorm for your domain name. Once you find the right one and it’s available, grab it right away! Don’t be surprised if a domain that’s available today be unavailable the next day.

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