How an Online Business can be your Greatest Investment

Like most people, when you hear the word “investment” you will probably begin to think of stock brokering, investment banking, real estate and bonds.

However, areas outside of banking and stock are increasingly becoming an easier, better returning and much more viable investment option than ever before – in particular, the Internet.

Internet businesses:
There are many types of Internet businesses – from a virtual store front to an entirely informational site from which you can earn advertisement revenue. The types of Internet businesses that we know today can be broadly broken up into the following:

  • Online store.
  • Affiliate web site, where you simply “pass on” (refer) users to other businesses for a commission in return.
  • Informational or a resource site, from which you earn advertising revenue.
  • A service site, offering a particular service to a specific niche.

Why invest in an Internet business?
An Internet business often takes little capital to start up. Very little money is required to purchase your Internet real estate and generally little effort is needed to maintain your online venture. For example, all that is required to establish your Internet real estate is a domain name and a web hosting account.

The small start-up cost involved in setting up an Internet business is more advantageous than the vast sums of money needed to make stock marketing or bond investment worthwhile. Not to mention, the time taken for you to see a return on your investment is much shorter for the typical Internet investment. Internet businesses usually entail little risk – both to you and your investment. To start an Internet “business,” you are not normally required to follow usual business registrations and litigation processes. Anyone can start an Internet business.

Types of Internet business:
To make a return on your Internet investment, you do not need to directly sell services and products. For example, you can set up an affiliate site which acts as a small niche-targeted information source with affiliate links to existing Internet stores. Rather than selling a product, your site refers buyers to a store and in turn you receive a commission. A typical affiliate site is exampled using Amazon’s affiliate program – if your website reviewed a book, you could link to “Buy this Book” using the affiliate program. Internet users searching the Internet for a review on this book may happen upon your site and may purchase the book through your site.

Using advertising networks such as Google’s AdSense program, you could offer an information resource that targets a particular niche (for example, users searching for “T-Shirt Quilts” may happen upon your site that reviews such a certain T-Shirt quilt shop) and also displays advertisements. Internet users who click on these adverts will generate advertisement revenue for your site.

Setting up your website:
Unlike several years ago, a great deal of technical experience is not needed to set up a website as a front to your Internet start-up. Many web hosting accounts, such as the ones that here at, have come packaged with automated site builders that will take your information and build a professional looking website, all within a few clicks of the mouse.

If you are looking to use the Internet as a front for a commercial business, e-commerce and shopping cart software is also commonly available as part of “One-click-install” software bundled with web hosting accounts. It is important to note that to predict where we (as Internet users) will be in a few years time is impossible. This may make Internet investments seem like a risk – especially to those harking back to the burst of the “Internet bubble”. However, as discussed earlier; due to the nature of Internet investments, ease of Internet investing and the low costs involved in web businesses, investing in the Internet has never been a wiser choice. Investments in an online business will benefit in the short term just as well as they will in the long term because good returns do not rest on a large span of time (such as stock investments).

There is very little to lose, and the time is ripe for a small investment in a web hosting account to start your online business – it has never been cheaper!