Continuous Server and Software Upgrades! continually upgrades server hardware and software when needed. Some are major upgrades but many are actually incremental that benefit to the security and performance of your website hosting.

Here’s a short list of upgrades we’ve done the last few months as well as upgrades we’re continuing…

  • Most servers upgraded to cPanel/WHM 11.32.3 (Release Tier). Our cPanel updates are frequent and automatic and include SpamAssassin Rules Updates.
  • Over 1000+ accounts moved to faster servers based on Intel’s i5 760 Quad Core processors.
  • Added extra 2GB DDR SDRAM to server.
  • Softaculous updated to 4.1.0. New available updates to Softaculous are automatically installed.
  • Soholaunch upgrades to v4.9.4 r1 version with built-in support for Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.
  • WordPress 3.4 upgrade available on all accounts. To update your WordPress, simply login to your WordPress admin and click Updates.

Got a question on a server update or have a suggestion on what to upgrade? Feel free to let us know by submitting a General Support ticket at our 24-hour Helpdesk!