The Difference Between Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting

At, we offer both domain name registration and web hosting services, but it can be easy to confuse the two. The best way we can describe the difference is to compare our services to the real estate world.

Domain Name Registration:

Think of domain name registration as analogous to your mailing address (ex. 500 Main Street, San Francisco, CA). A person looking to find your home or store obviously needs your address. The post office needs a legitimate address to send your mail. Domain Name Registration operates the same way. A person that needs to find you in the Internet world will need your domain name (ex. At, we register many different types of domain names (.com, .net, .org, etc.).

Web Hosting:

In the real estate world, web hosting can be analogous to an actual house. Your house has space but it’s not just empty space. It’s constructed so that you have a living room, a kitchen, multiple bedrooms, closets, a garage and perhaps a nice backyard. You may also have amenities that are already included in your house such a refrigerator, microwave, washer/dryer, a remodeled front porch, and so forth. In the Internet world, web hosting is very similar. With a web hosting account, you receive space for your web files and you can put them in folders. At particularly, you also receive hundreds of free amenities such as cPanel, unlimited email boxes, mySQL databases, 250+ Web Apps, Site Builders, Shopping Carts, and more. Unlike the real estate world however, you get 24-hour US-based Ticket and Phone Support and purchasing a web hosting account is a whole lot cheaper then purchasing a house!

So both Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting are completely separate services but they are of course very connected! If you need more clarification on the services that we provide, feel free to use our 24-hour HelpDesk or call 1-877-ice-9797.