How to Choose a Secure Password

There is always a danger that your email or website could be compromised if you don’t choose a secure password. The Internet is one unsafe place to conduct your business if you don’t learn how to choose a secure password.

While, there is definitely a lot of good on the Internet, many have ulterior motives whose intentions are to cause mayhem and stress. One of the tools you can use to protect yourself is the use of a very secure password.

It is recommended to create a long password preferably more than 8 characters.

It would be much better if the password was made as complex as possible. A password that has less than eight characters could still be secure, but only as long as you mix it up. Try to avoid a situation where the password only contains numbers, or is purely made of letters. Use a combination of letters and numbers to secure it.

Avoid words that are

  • in the dictionary
  • spelled backwards
  • sequential in nature
  • includes personal information

In addition to the letters and numbers, the password would be secure if you were to add punctuation marks and symbols. Remember that the keyboard is full of items which you can use to develop a very secure password. As long as your password contains a variety of characters, the more secure it will be and thus giving you the protection that you need.

It is also advisable for users to keep changing their passwords from time to time. Keeping the same password for years is inadvisable when hackers are improving their methods to gain access into all kinds of accounts and websites. The safety of information and data on your computer is something that needs to be taken seriously. The recommended time span you need to take between changing your passwords is roughly every three months. If you suspect that you might forget to change your passwords regularly after every three months, you can set a reminder in place.

Lastly, one also needs to realize that the use of a single password for everything that you do on the Internet is detrimental to your own security. What this means is that once hackers succeed to gain access into one of your accounts, they can use the same password to get other details.

Remember, if you can’t come up with your own secure password, all web hosting accounts have Password Generators to help you generate your own Secure Password. When changing a password in your cPanel, simply click the button Password Generator. If you need help with this, feel free to contact our 24-hour Support.