Partners With CloudFlare is delighted to announce our collaboration with CloudFlare.

CloudFlare aims to improve web hosting performance and increase bandwidth through various features offered to users. CloudFlare offers an ultimate safeguard from malicious attacks and/or threats and best of all speeds up website performance. When a website is facilitated through CloudFlare then automatically its web traffic is routed through their global network which in turn leads to high peak performance of web page loading.

Some of the Features Being Offered by CloudFlare:

International CDN:

Cloudflare’s Content Delivery Network distributes content globally which makes it closer to website visitors, hence speeding up performance.

Ultimate Security:

Website will be safeguarded from threats and malicious attacks including the elimination of bots/spammers that tend to clog up the bandwidth and performance.

Down Server Support:

Downed servers can create great hassles and challenges; during the down time CloudFlare will offer continuous service of cached websites to visitors.

Top Analytics:

CloudFlare offers extensive analytics and in-depth statistical research from website traffic to the monitoring of threats and spammers.

Extensive App Support:

CloudFlare apps are user friendly and can be installed on a website with a single click.

All the above features only results in a major upgrade in website performance and a defense from spam and other malicious threats. Best of all, if you’re an IceStorm client then the complete CloudFlare service is available free of charge.

To access and activate CloudFlare, a customer would simply go to their domain’s cPanel (, then click on CloudFlare. IceStorm is truly excited not only about our new partnership with CloudFlare but also for bringing this great service to our clientele.