Top 5 Advantages of Creating a Website with WordPress

1.  User Friendly

 WordPress is extremely easy to use and update. The easily accessible interface makes uploading pictures, updating blogs, and adding new pages as easy as a blink of an eye. This user friendly aspect of WordPress, makes it the most popular personal publishing platform.

2.  The Wide Array of Plugins  

 WordPress gives the user an unlimited amount of plugins to make your site look attractive and appealing to users.  Plugins include social media, video, and imaging. Best of all, the majority of these wonderful plugins are either free or very cost friendly.

3.  Search Engine Compatibility

WordPress’s simple coding system makes it very easy for search engines to not only read but also index the blogs and site updates. The WordPress tags allow users to enhance their updates on search engines by making it easily accessible.

4.  Ease of Access Point

 WordPress is based on a browser-type setting format. Therefore, users can access WordPress from any computer at anytime and anywhere.

5.  No HTML Editing

 WordPress edits and creates its own HTML formatting and therefore the user doesn’t need any additional HTML editing software. Users can add blogs, photos, and edit pages without every needing an HTML program.