Top 10 Components of a Successful Website

1. Strategize your Mission with your Brand 

It is imperative to have the building of your website revolve around your mission statement and what you’re willing to accomplish. The brand and marketing strategy should always match the website content. Before you start making a website, you must consider the bigger picture and what you want to accomplish with your website. The mission of your brand must be in line with the message and content being shared on your site.

2. Be Creative with your Design

Your homepage is the only chance you will get to make a first impression to potential clients. You have to make sure that your creativity captures your target audience’s attention. You want to hook your audience into being captivated by your website so they can potentially explore the site much deeper and perhaps even bookmark your website. If you run a blog with your website, then make sure your recent blog posts are viewable with full url’s on your homepage. You want your audience to get a taste of all the goods you have to offer. 

3. Increase Website Traffic

Through consistent content creation and positive reviews one can catapult their website to reach a broader audience. One can build the most creative, wonderful website, but if the traffic and user interaction is not there, then the great effort is wasted. Having embedded links, featured content, promotional offers, and a clear site navigation are great assets to increasing traffic.

4. Make Content Original and Creative

You want to create a personal signature on your content and blog. This is an important concept to keep users coming back to your site for more originality. You don’t want to depend too heavily on just posting links and articles from other sites. You want to establish your own ideas and content to the point when users read your content they will recognize your unique style.

5. Be Consistent with your Content

Make sure that if you make any radical changes, then those changes need to be made consistently across the whole website. You also want to remain consistent with your content and branding. Straying too far away from your goals at hand can create confusion among users and take away from your effort and mission.

6. Developing a Strong Social Media Presence

In today’s tech-savvy world it is crucial to make sure you have a great social media presence. Successful business and branding can’t reach its full potential without having a strong social media presence. Having a Facebook and Twitter is a must for any thriving business or venture.

7. Measure Statistics and Analytics

There are various web analytic tools available to measure the demographics of the traffic coming into your website. Some of these wonderful tools are free, such as Google Analytics, DailyStats, Webalizer and many more. Monitoring your traffic statistics is vital because it allows you to gauge what areas of your website are working and what others need improvement.

8. Easy to Navigate and Mobile Compatible Website

In today’s society, users who use their Smartphones to surf the net are at an all-time high. It is profoundly important to make sure that your website not only has a mobile version, but also uses the best website building tools, such as TrendyTools for example, which offers precise compatibility with most smartphones.

9. Add a Site Map

Adding a site map for users on your site creates a great impression in regards to marketing and customer care. A site map makes navigation an easy and comfortable experience for all users. We have all seen websites that are beautifully constructed, but yet it’s very hard to find what you’re looking for. In essence, when building a site, you must not lose focus on the simpler aspects that people look for. In this case a site map can garner many followers and users to trust your brand.

10. Add a Search Feature

Once again you want to make sure that visitors on your website have an easy, informative time. One way to do this is by adding a search feature on your site. This added feature adds a tremendous amount of convenience to users of your site. The goal of having a website is to market your brand by establishing rapport with clients and building a loyal base. If these convenient features are added, then the client-base and loyalty will increase tremendously.