Make Your Website Successful With MarketGoo

MarketGoo app provides websites peak performance of their SEO, while strengthening link building, and fortifying social media and monitoring strategies. Its exceptional and innovative technology tracks the user website daily and on demand, while allowing them to automate their SEO and marketing strategies.

MarketGoo’s unique technology will analyze your website regularly and adapt more than 200 actions and recommendations specific to your website and brand industry. This way, you can be sure that every single task that you complete on MarketGoo is driving you closer to online success. The free SEO Starter Pack includes: keyword rankings, Website health scanner, search engine submissions, website popularity check, and competitor discovery. Subscribers will also receive a user monthly report for free. MarketGoo also offers additional paid tools such as: comprehensive website optimization, link building, social media tools that improve word of mouth and knowledge of where users are talking about your business online, and cutting edge analytics that breaks down your marketing strategy and compares it against your competitors.

Benefits of MarketGoo:

1. SEO Tools

You will be able to submit your site to Google, and optimize your website to rank in first position for the keywords that are relevant to your business. You will be able to achieve this thanks to its technology, which will analyze your website and generate a series of personalized tasks which will help you achieve your objectives.


2. Link Building Tools

Your website will start to receive qualified visits from websites that are relevant to your business and brand.

3. Social Media Tools

It will provide and guide you to a better understanding of where your customers are talking about your brand online, while assisting you on increasing your presence and effectiveness of your inbound marketing.


4. Analytics and Competitor Benchmarking

These tools are designed to measure the effectiveness of your marketing while providing a complete suite for helping you in achieving an understanding of your improvements in a visual and simple way.

Increase Visibility

To get started, log into your cPanel and click any of the buttons within “Website Marketing Tools” section.