Five Tips On Increasing Your Social Media Presence

1. Maximize and Promote Your Social Media Presence

The optimization of your social media begins and ends with your presence. Making sure that your social media accounts not only precisely state your mission and goals but also includes a concise description of your brand and business is first key to success. You will also want to make sure that your social media accounts have the full url of your website, so users can be directed back to your official site.

Social media updates and posts can easily be found now on search engines, therefore you want to make sure that your updates include distinct words/phrases related to your business. You want to hashtag your updates on both Twitter and Facebook.  On your websites you should definitely have ‘follow’ buttons linking clients and users to your social media outlets as well. Twitter and Facebook offer official follow/like buttons that allows your website visitors to follow/like your social media pages with just one click. As you’re promoting your social media presence everywhere, you should also enable your site visitors and email subscribers to be able to share your content with their networks. It is imperative to add social media buttons to all blogs, emails, newsletters, and various other landing pages. Broadening your social media outreach and presence will create more networking opportunities and attract prospective clients and customers to become followers of your brand.

2. Share Useful Content that Engages 

Once you have established your presence then it’s onto creating original content that is not only worthy to your followers and users but also engages them into interacting, sharing, and coming back for more. Your blogs, Facebook posts, and tweets must be inline with your mission and brand. The content must be good enough to not only keep your current followers tuned in, but also be able to attract prospective clients and followers. You want to provide useful engaging content that gets your followers attention from the get-go and garners even more followers from those interested in what you have to say and offer.

3. Follow, Collaborate and Build Relationships With Individuals In Your Industry

It’s a great habit to follow and like other pages and influential people from your industry that pertains to your brand. A great way to market your brand is by collaborating with others on their pages, blogs, and discussions. Sharing content from other influential industry names can only create a bigger fan base and revenue in the long run. Using simple hashtag search to identify other users in your industry is a great way to collaborate and start partnerships. You also want to make sure you follow and like everyone that is a followers of your page as well.

4. Be Creative

Don’t ever get comfortable with just posting links or pictures as updates on your social media. Think and step outside the box by being creative and letting your audience and followers see the creative side of you. Be bold and innovative by sharing videos, fun articles, other blogs that your audience might find informative but also amusing at the same time. Your creativity is your personal touch on your business and brand. Your online followers would appreciate that real human side of you and it would build a strong rapport in regards to the business/client relationship.

5. Offer Incentives/Deals for New Followers and Clients

People who follow your Twitter and Facebook business pages should always be rewarded with special promotional offers and deals. This is a great way to not only garner a bigger following but also create a solid relationship with your followers. Once they see that you’re willing to give special incentives as a way to thank them, they will be loyal followers and won’t hesitate to recommend your business within their own personal networks.