5 Reasons Your Small Business Should Be Tweeting

Yes, we all know how annoying it is to sift through a pile of useless tweets by people who think we need to know what they had for lunch, how long they brushed their teeth this morning, and other useless and mundane details of their daily lives. 

While Twitter has clearly been woefully misused by some individuals, it doesn’t mean that Twitter can’t have positive influence on your business. Here are five reasons why social media-savvy small business owners use Twitter and why YOUR small business should be tweeting.

1.  Relationship Building

What makes you go to the same mechanic every time you need something fixed on your car?  What makes you go to the same barber to get your hair cut?  Why do you always go to the same accountant when tax time comes?  One word:  relationship. Twitter has been shown to be essential to building profitable relationships with your customers.  Remember, if you’re not pursuing your customers on Twitter, your competition is.

The advent of Twitter has greatly impacted the relationship between business and consumer.  Not only can you speak to your customer, they can speak back to you as well.  This provides a golden opportunity to give helpful information to your customers, address their concerns, and learn more about the people who buy your product. It is a known fact in sales that people will buy from those they have a relationship with.  If you put effort into forging close relationships with your customers through Twitter, your sales will increase.

2.  Managing Your Online Reputation (Yes, you DO have one)

You may not currently be managing your online reputation, but this doesn’t mean that your business doesn’t have an online reputation. Your reputation is crucial to the success of your business.  Whether or not you are aware of it, your business does have an online reputation.  If you want to survive, you must fiercely guard your reputation like a mother bear protects her cubs.  It really is that serious.

A negative comment that goes unaddressed can spell doom for your company’s reputation, which will damage your sales.  Twitter can help you address criticism and complaints directly and promptly which makes it easier to keep small issues from going viral and creating a negative perception of your company.

3.  Marketing

What makes Twitter so powerful is that everything happens in real time.  You can keep your customers up to date on what your company is doing right now.  Do you have a major product launch happening?  Through Twitter, your customer can be informed right when it happens.  Twitter is a quick and easy way your business to interact with the market right away.

4.  Selling More Product

This is the reason you’re in business in the first place, right?  If you want to move more product and increase your revenue, Twitter is a must.  Back in 2009, Dell reported that it made almost $7 million in sales using Twitter without a cohesive strategy.  If Dell can bring in this much extra revenue without even crafting a marketing strategy, how much of an impact can Twitter have for your business WITH a marketing strategy? There are many ways to use Twitter to attract attention to your business and sell more product if you are willing to invest the time and energy in learning how to use it.

5.  Branding, Branding, Branding

Your company’s brand is just as important as its reputation.  Twitter provides an effective way to promote your company’s brand.  By using Twitter to connect with your customers, you strengthen your company’s brand and show that your company is interested in connecting with your customers.  This will help protect your company’s longevity and prominence in the market.

Using Twitter has clear benefits for your company’s bottom line.  If you are not using Twitter to build relationships with your customers, manage your reputation, market your business, sell more product, and promote your brand, you are passing up a major opportunity to make your business succeed.

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