How to Find the Perfect Free WordPress Theme!

You may already know that WordPress offers a lot of themes for web building, but you may not realize that many are available at no cost.

Since there is such a large variety to choose from, finding the perfect template is often a real challenge. Fortunately, by following a few simple tips, anyone can find a free WordPress theme that meets their needs.

1. Use the search function to narrow down your choices.

WordPress has hundreds of free templates, and finding the right one can take many hours, especially if you are testing them individually. But using the search function will help you narrow down your results, saving time. If you want a website for selling flowers, for example, typing keywords like “flowers” or “florist” can bring up themes designed specifically for your type of business. Browsing by theme type, upload date, and desired function are all great ways to focus your search.

2. Decide what type of theme you want to use.

Designers customize themes to work on either websites or blogs. Since websites have a very specific look, experts recommend only using templates designed for that purpose, which are usually labeled as either “business” or “corporate use”. If you run a blog, however, either style will work if it has the design and features you want.

3. Test theme functionality.

Although there are many attractive WordPress templates to choose from, some might lack the basic features you need to run a successful website. Some developers simply don’t have the knowledge to use these functions in their designs, and it is often difficult to know how much functionality a theme actually has. This is why it is so important to demo your themes before you use them. The features your template needs depends on the type of website you want to run; always create a master list of basic functions before you start your search.

4. Only use templates compatible with the newest version of WordPress.

Although rare, bugs and security issues are sometimes a problem with free themes, especially if they aren’t compatible with the newest versions of WordPress. This is mostly a problem with older templates, which aren’t optimized to run with the newest WordPress updates. Although most themes are compatible by design, it is still a good idea to check before downloading.

5. Decide the age of your theme.

Many website owners don’t realize that the age of a theme can really impact how it performs. While new themes are unique to the market, many aren’t fully optimized with patches and other updates. Older templates often run the best, but their popularity can affect your website’s ability to stay unique.

It is easy to get lost browsing the wide range of free WordPress themes available, but by planing and searching carefully, you can find templates that are a perfect fit.

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