3 Things Website Visitors Look For – A Lesson in Boosting Conversions

The average website visitor has a burning need and the only thing that will bring sweet relief is a quick answer, a response or an actual solution to that problem. Case in point, take someone suffering from a dental emergency.

“My tooth fell out,” the person might Google. “How to fix a broken tooth,” is another search that might occur. But once the person clicks Search, how do you get the person to choose your web presence among all the other search results? More than that, how do you get the person to actually convert once they arrive? Here’s how.

1. Answer the Most Pressing Question

The average person who finds your website, Google+ page or Tumblr is looking for one specific thing. Your job is to find out what that one thing is. If the bulk of your web visitors are looking for information about your product, you should have a web page dedicated to “Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About [Your Product]”. Or keep a regularly-updated Frequently Asked Questions page. The more questions you are able to answer online, the less you’ll have to answer offline. And conversions are always easier when your customer is well informed.

How Do You Find Out What That Question Is?

  • Look up books in your niche on Amazon and search through all the reviews. The people leaving those reviews are your potential customers. Find out what’s most important to them, how the various books fell short and fulfill their wants and desires first with your web presence and then with your products and/or services.
  • Search through the most popular forums in your niche. If you are involved with Internet marketing, search through the Warrior Forum and find the most popular threads and the ones with the most responses. These are the most pressing questions of the day. Use those to form your web presence and solve your prospects’ and customers’ problem. There are forums for every niche under the sun. Do a Google search, become involved, get answers and get connected. Those connections may pay off later on.
  • Spend time on social media. Use Facebook Graph Search to find like-minded people in your niche, use Twitter and Google+. Read the conversations that take place between those individuals and others. Search through the companies they Like and follow. If any pertain to your business, and especially if they are direct competitors, research those companies and find out what they have – and what you can copy to make your very own.

2. Use Strong Calls-To-Action

The average person loves to be told what to do. Ask most people and they’ll deny it, but they definitely like to be led around. Case in point, go to the bank, walk in the lobby and approach the teller windows just after five in the afternoon on any given Friday (Ok, not Good Friday).  You see those nylon straps that are strung across the area just in front of the teller windows that herd people like sheep in a Z-like pattern? Yeah, that’s a good example of a call-to-action. Instead of just letting your customers figure out what to do, you are going to set up virtual barriers that tell them exactly how you wish them to behave.

Good Calls-to-Action to Use

  • Clicks: For meta descriptions where you tell Google and other search engine users to ‘Click Here’ and for any links on your site, use that very CTA. Don’t beat around the bush: Click Here works as well as any unique CTA you can come up with. Of course, there’s no hard and fast rule to calls-to-action. Experiment and test for best results.
  • Purchases: ‘Buy Now’, ‘Insert Your Credit Card’ or just plain ‘Get [Your Product] Now’ are all great options.
  • Subscriptions: ‘Sign Up’, ‘Leave Your Information’, ‘Trade Your Information’, or just plain ‘Subscribe’ work well.
  • Phone Calls: ‘Call Now’, ‘Make an Appointment’, ‘Schedule a Consultation’ or tell people exactly what they’re going to get with ‘Get a Free Quote’.

3. Make It Easy to Convert

The average web visitor isn’t going to spend much longer than three seconds on anything; unless you’ve already spent time nurturing that visitor to accept your product/service/web page or whatever it is. Case in point, a person searching for a phone number for the local movie theater. A young lady is at dinner with her boyfriend, they want to go see a movie and she looks up the number on her smartphone. If your website pops up, but it takes longer than three seconds to find movie show times or a phone number, NEXT, onto the next website or search engine listing.

The lesson? Make it easy for your web visitors to convert.

How Do You Do That?

  • Opt-in box early on and frequently placed.
  • Buy now button early on and frequently placed.
  • Phone number…get the idea?

No matter what you want your web visitors to do: Read, watch, view, subscribe, buy, click, call or come right in, make it easy for the average person to know exactly what to do.

It sounds simple and it really is. Put these rudimentary concepts into action and watch your conversions grow.