CloudLinux OS Installed on All Servers!

We’re happy to announce CloudLinux is now installed on all servers with shared and reseller accounts!

Here are the top 3 advantages of CloudLinux:

1. Stability

Each tenant on a CloudLinux shared server has limits on the amount of CPU, Memory, IO, processes, Apache connections, mySQL CPU usage and mySQL read/write usage. Because CloudLinux separates each user in its own environment, if any tenant goes over the limit, no other user on the server is affected!

2. Security

With CloudLinux, users are virtualized into their own file systems. This prevents any user from seeing another user on the existing server. Furthermore, users on CloudLinux are only able to see their own processes.

 3. Multiple PHP Versions

We know that each account holder is different. Some users have PHP scripts that work better on older versions of PHP. Others may want to take advantage of the newest PHP features. With CloudLinux, users can select their preferred PHP version. Simply navigate to your cPanel (, then click Select PHP Version under Software and Services section.

To learn more about CloudLinux, click here.

To activate a web hosting account under the CloudLinux platform, visit