Lowered Pricing & Free Windows on Cloud VPS!

Here’s what’s new with Cloud VPS!

1. Starting price lowered to only $19.95/month!

2. CPU Price lowered from $7.00/month to $5.00/month!

3. RAM Price lowered from $15.36/month to $9.95/month!

4. SSD Disk lowered from $3.85/month to $3.00/month!

5. Windows Server License now offered FREE on all Clouds!

6. Licenses on Cpanel lowered to $13.95/month!

7. Licenses on Plesk lowered to $12.95/month!

8. Level 3 Server Management lowered from $99.95/month to $79.95/month!

What can you do with a Cloud Server?

You can use your Cloud Server to run different control panels and operating systems, run a Windows Server, host multiple websites and resellers, setup a sophisticated email server or mailing list, run a game server, host database-intensive web applications, or run a file backup service. With our Cloud VPS, you have full root access and complete control of your web hosting configuration.

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