Why You Should Choose Linux Web Hosting

Linux is the standard operating system on which many of the world’s leading websites are hosted. Globally, approximately 65 percent of all websites are served from Linux or other Unix-like platforms. Windows, the other web hosting platform choice, is responsible for hosting only 35 percent of the world’s websites. Clearly, Linux is the preferred choice for the majority of companies and individuals. It is cheap and stable, and supports almost any technology.

1. Linux is free and open-source. In turn, web-hosting providers can pass those savings along to you.

Instead of having to spend thousands of dollars per year on licensing fees, web-hosting providers can install Linux on their machines for free. If you are looking at shared web hosting, the fact that Linux is free allows providers to offer plans at low cost. Similarly, those who are looking at cloud, VPS, or dedicated hosting will find that the Linux options are significantly less expensive. At many leading cloud providers, a Linux instance costs less than half of a Windows one. Dedicated servers also typically follow a similar pricing structure. If you are looking to save money and have a site that is developed in a prominent open-source programming language, then Linux is usually the best way to go.

2. Linux tends to be the most stable operating system choice.

Stability is key in the web world. You do not want to lose customers because your site is unavailable. It has many advanced features that allow it to achieve high uptime. In fact, Linux servers are frequently able to be up for years or more before any issues arise that require stopping the server for maintenance. Given the right hardware and software configuration, this operating system seldom crashes. Further increasing uptime is the fact that usually, software updates can be applied without requiring a reboot. This is critical, as your server can have the latest security patches without requiring it to be offline. Linux represents your best choice to make your site available 24/7.

3. Linux supports open-source technologies including PHP, Python, and Ruby. 

Similarly, MySQL, the most popular database platform around, is also supported on Linux. Shared-hosting providers often constrain sites to the typical LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack; however, with a cloud solution, you can configure your server with anything you want. This operating system is not just limited to open-source solutions. Many advanced databases, mail servers, and web servers run on Linux. By having the less-expensive platform serving your website, you will have more money to spend on licensing fees for these advanced servers if you need them. Also, not being constrained by technology selection is nice because it means you can be as creative as you can be.

4. Inexpensive, reliable, and flexible accurately describe the power of Linux as a web-hosting platform.

It tends to be the cheapest option, since it’s free. Linux is also incredibly reliable and robust; seldom does the operating system crash or need to be taken down for maintenance. Finally, the flexibility of being able to use any open-source software is a big positive. For example, you may have most of your site coded in PHP but need to develop a component that would be best done in Python. With Linux, that’s totally fine, as it supports both languages extremely well. No matter what your website is about, choosing Linux makes the most sense!

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