Updated cPanel Stats on All Hosting Plans

IceStorm.com has now updated cPanel to include Advanced Resource Stats Usage!

You now have a display in your cPanel that shows you your CPU and Resource Usage. To see your advanced stats, simply log into yourdomain.com/cpanel.

CPU Usage: This is how much server CPU power that your domain account is using.

Virtual Memory Usage: The amount of memory processes allocated to an account.

Physical Memory Usage: The amount of real memory processes which are actually used by the account.

Entry Processes: How many actual scripts (PHP, Python, etc) that are running at a single time.

Number of Processes: The total number of processes allowed.

I/O Usage: This refers to Input/Output usage or the speed of data transfer between hard disk and RAM.

If you feel that your usage is running abnormally high, contact our Support Helpdesk and a tech will gladly investigate for you!