How to Accept Credit Cards Online
Accept Credit Card Payments Online in 3 Easy Steps

You’ve perfected the latest, trendiest product and you’re quite sure you can sell hundreds if not thousands online. You’re setting up your website and are ready to fling open your virtual doors. One thing remains between you and your adoring customers… how do you accept online credit card payments?

1) First, you will need an online merchant account. 

A merchant account is what allows your business to accept credit cards and transfer funds to your bank account. You should take your time and do research before choosing a merchant account that fits with your business. Different merchant accounts have various rules. Simply make sure your merchant account can handle a large amount of credit card transactions each day and offers a payment gateway option. You can easily setup a merchant account with your own bank, use PayPal’s Merchant Services, or you can sign-up with our recommended provider, CDGCommerce.

2) Next, you will need a shopping cart.

A shopping cart allows your customers to select an item and put it in a virtual basket while continuing to shop for other items. It should be integrated with all the pages in your website allowing customers easy access at any time. When they finish shopping and are ready to check out, a shopping cart will facilitate the process. At, we offer a cutting-edge selection of free shopping cart systems such as OpenCart, Magento, Zen Cart, and Prestashop. These shopping carts make it easy for anyone to setup an online store and begin accepting credit card payments.

3) Finally, make sure you have an SSL certificate installed on your website.

SSL certificates provide encryption and ensure that your credit card transactions are done securely. Make sure that once your SSL certificate is installed, point your shopping cart ordering system to your SSL URL. An SSL URL will always start with the protocol “https://” in your URL address bar. You can order GeoTrust branded SSL certificates directly from our website.

Accepting online payments isn’t difficult! If you have any questions about this process, just let us know! Once you establish your merchant account, install your shopping cart, and add your SSL certificate, you’re on your way to a successful online venture.