Make Magento Websites Faster with LiteMage Cache! delivers the fastest Magento E-commerce Solution by using SSD Technology and LiteMage Cache!

Magento is the most popular E-commerce platform on the Internet today but with over 4 million lines of PHP code and 2 million lines XML configurations, Magento can be very resource intensive leading to performance slowdown. LiteMage Cache solves this using full page caching and implementing Edge Side Includes (ESI) to bypass Magento’s heavy architecture!

Benchmarks show that LiteMage Cache is many times faster than other web servers and caching solutions!

LiteMage Cache features:

  • Edge Side Include (ESI) engine for hole punching.
  • Punched holes are configurable and mapped to blocks defined in Magento page layout.
  • Main page and public blocks are cached once and served to all users. Private blocks are cached per-user and served only to that user.
  • Retrieve multiple blocks in one request, minimizing the overhead of building pages with multiple blocks.
  • Supports Last Viewed Product (this can be turned off for even faster speeds), Product Comparison, Stock Tracking and other features requiring communication with the Magento backend.
  • Supports layered navigation, category filtering, product toolbar options (view as, sort by and show per page) functionality.
  • Supports multi-store, multi-currency, and multi-user groups.
  • Supports extensions using AJAX based cart.
  • Built-in crawler to warm up cache.

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