Make WordPress Websites Faster with LiteSpeed Cache! now delivers fast WordPress Hosting with LiteSpeed Cache!

LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress is a web server level caching solution designed to accelerate WordPress websites with little to no configuration necessary. By caching at the web server layer, overhead is cut drastically allowing caching to be done more quickly and efficiently than in any other caching solution. Think of your WordPress websites as being driven using the fastest car on the fastest lane of a superhighway!

To take advantage of WordPress Optimization with LiteSpeed Cache, you must downloand and install the WordPress LiteSpeed Cache Plugin:

Benefits of LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress:

  • SUPER SPEED: – By caching at the web server level, your WordPress content is served at the fastest possible time!
  • ACCURACY: – LiteSpeed Cache will always serve an up-to-date page. The cache is automatically notified and the page cleared so that no one is served pages that are out-of-date.
  • CUSTOMIZATION: LiteSpeed Cache has a wide-array of customizable options. For instance, you may want certain pages and visitors not served with cache. All options are easily configured.

Once installed, please contact support to have us enable LiteSpeed Cache on your WordPress at the server level.

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