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Make WordPress Websites Faster with LiteSpeed Cache! now delivers fast WordPress Hosting with LiteSpeed Cache! LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress is a web server level caching solution designed to accelerate WordPress websites with little to no configuration necessary. By caching at the web server layer, overhead is cut drastically allowing caching to be done more quickly and efficiently than in any other […]

LiteSpeed Enabled on New SSD Web Hosting Plans!

LiteSpeed is now enabled on all new SSD Web Hosting Plans! LiteSpeed Web Server is a high-performance web server that replaces the basic Apache Web Server found in other providers. LiteSpeed can be up to 533% faster than Apache 2.4 with static files and up to 4506% faster than Apache 2.4 with PHP scripts! […]

9 Tips for Optimizing WordPress for SEO

WordPress is one of the world’s most commonly used content management systems (CMS). It powers millions of websites all over the world, including many famous websites such as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Reuters, and Variety. The basic installation of WordPress is simple. It comes with a few default themes and a couple of plugins. […]

New Website Templates and Themes Section!

The Latest HTML, WordPress, and Ecommerce Templates and Themes! has introduced a new Website Templates and Themes section! Purchase and download the best premium templates available. It’s now easy to get your website up and running! Choose from many different template categories: HTML Templates, WordPress Templates, Newsletter Templates, Joomla Templates, Drupal Templates, ZenCart Templates, […]

Spring Domain Promos – Will End Soon!

Spring Promos – Will End Soon! We have another batch of exciting Domain Promos! Take advantage of our .REVIEW domains for an amazingly low $2.74/year, .ME domains for only $4.57/year and new .WIKI domains at $6.81/year! .DATE $2.74 .REVIEW $2.74 .FAITH $2.74 .WIN $2.74 .CLICK $2.74 .BID $2.74 .DOWNLOAD $2.74 .PARTY $2.74 .CLUB $3.62 .LIVE […]

Accept Credit Card Payments Online in 3 Easy Steps

You’ve perfected the latest, trendiest product and you’re quite sure you can sell hundreds if not thousands online. You’re setting up your website and are ready to fling open your virtual doors. One thing remains between you and your adoring customers… how do you accept online credit card payments? 1) First, you will need an […]

Updated cPanel Stats on All Hosting Plans has now updated cPanel to include Advanced Resource Stats Usage! You now have a display in your cPanel that shows you your CPU and Resource Usage. To see your advanced stats, simply log into CPU Usage: This is how much server CPU power that your domain account is using. Virtual Memory Usage: The […]

Why You Should Choose Linux Web Hosting

Linux is the standard operating system on which many of the world’s leading websites are hosted. Globally, approximately 65 percent of all websites are served from Linux or other Unix-like platforms. Windows, the other web hosting platform choice, is responsible for hosting only 35 percent of the world’s websites. Clearly, Linux is the preferred choice […]

New Domain Name Promos! Deals on .XYZ, .ME, .FAITH, .WEDDING, .SITE & More!

Novemeber Promos – Will End Soon! We have another batch of exciting Domain Promos! Take advantage of our .XYZ domains for an amazingly low $1.98/year, .ME domains for only $4.57/year and new .WEDDING domains at $13.74/year! Lots of good deals for many other domain TLDs! Domain Resellers get further discounts! .WS  $6.04 .XYZ  $1.98 .WEBSITE  […]

The 6 Most Important Reasons Every Business Should Purchase Its Own Domain Name

Every business needs a website. A business without a website is like a fruit stall without fruits. There are plenty of services that offer free website creation tools and webhosting, including wordpress, tumblr, blogger, and weebly, but with all of these services available for anyone to use, why should you bother with buying your own […]